The wonderful Smart Roadster is brilliantly packaged car however it has been designed to be a 'Jack of all trades. A little tuning turns this car into a true drivers car
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Smart Roadster tuning is still relatively new and although these cars have now been with us for a while it has taken the aftermarket manufacturers quite a while to realise the full potential of the Roadster.
The first thing that aSmart Roadster needs (with the exception of the Brabus Roadster) is a simple ECU remap.
This will take the power to over 100BHP (typical figure 106bhp).
A K+N induction kit complements the remap nicely, allowing the car to breathe correctly.
Next on the shopping list should be a sports exhaust for a great sound plus a power hike of an extra 10% and a visual treat for the rear your Roadster.
Last and by no means least, a dump valve will help to prevent turbo lag. So what are you waiting for....
Evil Twin Roadster Remap