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"A light bulb revolution" Philips Silver Vision
These beauties are a direct replacement for your front or rear indictor bulbs and look silver until
So banish that
Amber glow from behind your indicator lens forever. £14.95 per pair

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Black side repeater
(Requires amber bulb)
14.99 per pair

Blue LED sidelights
Standard single LED £13.99 per pair
Superbright 4 LED
17.99 per pair

Philips Vision Plus
Up to 50% more light on the road
10-20 metre longer beam
Better reflection from road signs

£18.95 a pair (2 pairs required for Mk6 or cabriolet)

"Safety, comfort and simply beautiful"
Blue vision replicates the high intensity HID Xenon lights fitted to the worlds most prestigious cars.
The lamps recreate daylight driving conditions at night therefore contributing to
safety and performance.
We are selling these in special packs
"2 headlights and 2 sidelights"

(Mk6/Cabriolet with 4 headlights (£44.99)